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Depressed and Unskilled Youth

It is quite often we see the youth being less happy, more lonely, and depressed. In addition to that, as the internet world has emerged suddenly, there is a whole revolution to adapt to it. To run with the technology is an enormous task. The thing is you can never cope with it, and usually,Continue reading “Depressed and Unskilled Youth”


Half-hearted Novel

I have seen a very good story written badly. That’s what scares me the most of writing down my own novel. I want to give my story justice. I don’t care if it will be popular or not, but I want my debut book to be something  meaningful. In the Indian market, the ruling writersContinue reading “Half-hearted Novel”

Writing helps Dealing with Anxiety

I read an article about how writing helps in dealing with anxiety. I used to write all the time whenever I was anxious. It helped me to express my thoughts in a clear way but it didn’t do anything else. Now, I realize that it wasn’t reflective and not honest. Whenever I used to writeContinue reading “Writing helps Dealing with Anxiety”

Post COVID lockdown scenario

I have been at home for so long that if I go out I feel tired and exhausted. Our home is our comfort zone, wearing whatever we like and doing work whenever we want. In the lockdown, I was bored and the physical movement was way less than before. Now, when everything is again goingContinue reading “Post COVID lockdown scenario”

The Perils of being an Introvert

Why anyone is introvert? Isn’t it better to communicate more and socialize? We humans are after all social animal. Common myth about introverts is that they don’t like socializing at all. The truth is: Introverts like socializing but with a certain set of people in a limited period of time. When bombarded with lots ofContinue reading “The Perils of being an Introvert”

Productivity: Timed To-Do list Works

I started making to-do list and crossing each item from it. It works for me when it is timed, otherwise what remains in the list remains there. Using time efficiently is a talent,  considering you cannot predict the future. There are some important things which need to be kept in mind before following this to-doContinue reading “Productivity: Timed To-Do list Works”

A fear to be full-time writer

I am just afraid of being a full time writer. It has lots of uncertainties like how I will be paid and when I will be paid. Also, if the content that I have provided is of value to people or not. I, also sometimes be harsh on myself as English is not my firstContinue reading “A fear to be full-time writer”

If you love them, set them free? Seriously?!

Do you love yourself? If yes, then how free are you? Are you absolutely free? Society, laws, rules, schools, people’s expectations, social expectations..etc. considering all this are you free? Love is an emotion which is viable to change, still we expect two people to be in love forever. When people say in movies, “I amContinue reading “If you love them, set them free? Seriously?!”


I was soaring highThough tied to the groundA pale hand rustling through the thread It let me go and then steer me backLet me go againI was flyingPiercing through the strong wind I am just a paper, mind youBut I was made for thisAll conditions metAnd I am ready for impossible My bright colors inContinue reading “Kite”

FO: Fever Overthinking

After covishield vaccination,  I am on bed for almost two days. I have an intense pain on my left arm and fever which comes and goes. I feel that whenever I am down physically, I grasp the importance of physical well being. We humans are like that, we value things which are scarce. When IContinue reading “FO: Fever Overthinking”