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Post COVID lockdown scenario

I have been at home for so long that if I go out I feel tired and exhausted. Our home is our comfort zone, wearing whatever we like and doing work whenever we want.

In the lockdown, I was bored and the physical movement was way less than before. Now, when everything is again going back to normal, the crippling effect comes, which just makes one stay in the comfort zone.

The people who go out for work are feeling the strain. Not only they are trying to re-adapt to the normal work situation but also trying to be safe in the still vulnerable environment. 

The battle is on, no matter what we think, we can never be carefree and casual like before. Death stalks in the veil of a disease. It is the state of confusion and depression, confusion to not be able to do anything about it and depression to know that it won’t be same normal as before.

Life cannot stand still, only death can. If life is stagnated by the deadly disease lurking around the corner then how can a normal being be set free.

The problem. At first, it was about jobs, loans, etc and now it was all about the life itself. Even if we still worry about the mundane things, we now know where we are standing and how contaminated the ground is. We humans, cannot stop and let us get rid of this deadly disease.

We are not letting it go by acting everything is okay. It is perhaps okay to live in such conditions. A human can adapt into any situation to survive. I am not sure when our survival is on test here.


Published by pseudowriter

I love to write, especially about those thoughts which dominate my life most. I like reading something which is innovative on terms of human consciousness, social betterment and life in general.

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