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Depressed and Unskilled Youth

It is quite often we see the youth being less happy, more lonely, and depressed. In addition to that, as the internet world has emerged suddenly, there is a whole revolution to adapt to it. To run with the technology is an enormous task. The thing is you can never cope with it, and usually,Continue reading “Depressed and Unskilled Youth”


Writing helps Dealing with Anxiety

I read an article about how writing helps in dealing with anxiety. I used to write all the time whenever I was anxious. It helped me to express my thoughts in a clear way but it didn’t do anything else. Now, I realize that it wasn’t reflective and not honest. Whenever I used to writeContinue reading “Writing helps Dealing with Anxiety”

The Perils of being an Introvert

Why anyone is introvert? Isn’t it better to communicate more and socialize? We humans are after all social animal. Common myth about introverts is that they don’t like socializing at all. The truth is: Introverts like socializing but with a certain set of people in a limited period of time. When bombarded with lots ofContinue reading “The Perils of being an Introvert”

Productivity: Timed To-Do list Works

I started making to-do list and crossing each item from it. It works for me when it is timed, otherwise what remains in the list remains there. Using time efficiently is a talent,  considering you cannot predict the future. There are some important things which need to be kept in mind before following this to-doContinue reading “Productivity: Timed To-Do list Works”

True Happiness

I wonder what true happiness means. Is it love/career/family/passion or some kind of stimulation? I thought about it a lot and felt ultimately there is nothing enough to satisfy human mind. You can say you are happy (more likely without worry) but how truly happy you are? A realization dawned on me, what if trueContinue reading “True Happiness”