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Productivity: Timed To-Do list Works

I started making to-do list and crossing each item from it. It works for me when it is timed, otherwise what remains in the list remains there. Using time efficiently is a talent,  considering you cannot predict the future. There are some important things which need to be kept in mind before following this to-do list.

1. Be flexible
In a timed to-do list, everything is planned beforehand and there is very less room for flexibility.  So, if one has to prioritize the task on hand from the task planned before then the point of having timed to-do list becomes obscure. It is not always like that,  so with little flexibility things can still be done with the help of the list.

2. Be realistic.
We have to be realistic with the goals, if we will put everything on a day’s task without knowing how much time each task will take then it will only create a series of disappointment and demotivation. We cannot exactly know the time for a task, we can only guess and again be flexible if the task takes more time than we thought before.

3. Take care of your body and mind.
Include mindful and physical exercises. It is important to take care of our own body first. The tasks would look much easier when done with sound body and mind.

4. Plan ahead.
I usually prepare my to-do list in the morning with a clear head. Some people make it at night,  it depends on people preference but I don’t like going through a list of task just before going to bed.

I am the person who just hate routines . This one so far worked for me and kept me on tracks. It also saved me from the disappointments of procrastination. 

What productive planner works for you? Share it in the comment section.  🙂


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