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Depressed and Unskilled Youth

It is quite often we see the youth being less happy, more lonely, and depressed. In addition to that, as the internet world has emerged suddenly, there is a whole revolution to adapt to it. To run with the technology is an enormous task. The thing is you can never cope with it, and usually, people forget to live.

We are often told that we are what we do most of the time waking. If I spend time being idle and waste it on a mobile game, I just become a very good player, and that too in the particular game. It is a simple rule of life : You are, what you do most of your time.

When I wake up I sometimes think, I got this chunk of time twenty-four hours to make the best use of it, and then it goes by and I don’t even remember what I did in the morning. Especially, when everything you do seems insignificant or routine, you won’t remember the things you do most of the time. The memory gets distorted and so our sense of living and we forget that we lived in that particular moment.

I would point out a few things which, in my opinion, could be the reason for youth to be depressed and unskilled:

  1. The pressure of earning your living and get settled: This pressure will either make someone to get a job which they don’t like or it can make them idler as the pressure becomes gigantic to handle.
  2. Handling lots of information: Being exposed to lots of information, exhaust us. Even we are exposed to a whole lot of information, the surprising fact is our brain still feels bored. It is now bored with plenty of something rather than lack of something. When you get things little by little, you cherish every bit of them but when it is given to you at once, you cherish it as a whole and in general. You lose interest fast, the thing has nothing more to offer now.
  3. Passion to follow: It is not necessary that you may have a distinct passion for something right now. Many times we hear famous or successful people saying “I would have progressed more if I had known this skill earlier.” The reality is: there is a time for everything. Our state of mind changes as we grow up, and so our passion for something.
  4. Education does not relate to the job opportunities: It is the reason why there are so many unskilled youths. They don’t know what to do with their lives once they are done with education. Education was needed to narrow down our choices and make us work for something which we have an interest in, instead, it is driven by the general interest of the people.
  5. Fast pace life: If you feel that the time is running and you need to achieve something as some people of your age are doing it. Remember, everyone has their own time and it is not the reason to sit idle but it is the reason to explore your interest and work upon it. 

You will learn, getting everything at once without any struggle, and problem-solving is not worth having. There is no easy money, so it is better to make yourself skilled by engaging in activities that are worth working for.

Depression and mediocrity are so common in major cities that it is becoming a norm. If you think you cannot cope with this city world and this kind of population, just move. Move to your own tribe, live with them, and experience the moments. Life is not figuring out why you are here, it is about living it with love and a conscious mind.


Published by pseudowriter

I love to write, especially about those thoughts which dominate my life most. I like reading something which is innovative on terms of human consciousness, social betterment and life in general.

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