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FO: Fever Overthinking

After covishield vaccination,  I am on bed for almost two days. I have an intense pain on my left arm and fever which comes and goes. I feel that whenever I am down physically, I grasp the importance of physical well being. We humans are like that, we value things which are scarce.

When I was fit and healthy, I used to sit depressed. Whenever I am down physically, I feel like standing up and getting things done. Why is it so? Why I appreciate only those things which is scarce? Sometimes I think I couldn’t do anything about it. I want to steer my life in the right direction especially when I have to deal with additional problems like not being healthy. 

I wonder, how can I can change my mindset of giving importance  to scarcity? Can I use it in such a way that it will perhaps benefit me? Or does it work everywhere? If I think about it, time is also scarce then why I feel that it is endless? Why my feeling is so tainted with false beliefs?

So many questions on my mind and I couldn’t think straight.

In the world of internet, smartphones and social media,

I really wish I could just give time more value than I usually do.


Published by pseudowriter

I love to write, especially about those thoughts which dominate my life most. I like reading something which is innovative on terms of human consciousness, social betterment and life in general.

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