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God’s Eye View

We often hear people say to have a broader perspective in life, be it an interview or a piece of general unsolicited advice. What confuses me more is how to have a broader perspective when you cannot predict the future. Isn’t our whole life a trial and error method?  How many of us agree thatContinue reading “God’s Eye View”


I wasted my time to be perfect.

Perfection requires a lot of time, not just time but also energy to work consistently upon something. How can you be sure then that the work you are doing is worth seeking perfection? There are many ways people seek perfection, let’s dive into each perception and see if you belong to one or not. TheContinue reading “I wasted my time to be perfect.”

Living with a never ending fear

Is man really a civilized being? The horrors of their doing to another human being or even to a child is insurmountable. Never a day passes without the news of some women or a child being raped, molested and put on to horrifying deaths. I am afraid that it will be so regular, one dayContinue reading “Living with a never ending fear”

Are we really free?

The basic definition of freedom is ‘we can do what we want to do’. This term is used in a very broad way. Many use it to show a sign that there is some kind of dependence they have or they are slave of some institute or government, in a negative way. A postive termContinue reading “Are we really free?”

Source of Happiness

When you come to think of being happy, one finds that being happy is a state of mind. Just as sadness, it occupies your mind wholly. Sometimes we are happy in absurd situation and think ourselves to be wicked and other times we feel sad in a happy situation, thus feels depressed. Being human, isContinue reading “Source of Happiness”