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Source of Happiness

When you come to think of being happy, one finds that being happy is a state of mind. Just as sadness, it occupies your mind wholly. Sometimes we are happy in absurd situation and think ourselves to be wicked and other times we feel sad in a happy situation, thus feels depressed. Being human, is indeed a difficult task. When I think of the source of happiness, I come across a few set of things which are sought after by most of the public to attain happiness. Let us go through it one by one (keeping in mind I am in my late twenties, yet to have kids) and see if you can add something to it;


When we usually talk to people about happiness, first thing that comes in mind is nature. One sees the beauty of something which is untouched by humans and one feels awe towards it. Nature gives us fresh air (I am talking lots of oxygen for our brain), a sight to see and a hope to live. We love what we see and then come back to our beloved city with pollution and population. It is irony here, you want happiness and then you stay away from it. It is just like a drug, you are away from it for a while and when you get the dose of it (BOOM!). It’s amazing. It is true that for city people to live in nature is tough. It is boring, there is no materialism, no desire, nothing…just plain simple life to live. Being human, with a curious mind, I wonder how one with an active mind is going to survive there. An active mind, usually doesn’t settle up with mundane lifestyle. It needs assuarance, confidence boost and rewards to feel better. There comes our next source of happiness.


Where can I start? It occupies most of our lives. Am I a good daughter/wife/mother? Yes, you are. Thank you, now I feel better. Another episode: I have completed a task which consumed most of my time and attained nothing meaningful from it, on a personal level. Everyone: You have done a great job, thank you for it. (Gives you a meagre party and boost up your ego). Now you are in cloud nine and it is the feeling you can have with trading your time of life. It is one of the best feelings to have, some kind of achievement makes life more interesting.


You found happiness in it? I am certainly amazed. In my own opinion, it is not the meditation which made you happy, it is the nonsense which you face on daily basis and you didn’t face it as you were meditating. When one focuses on a singular task (which is quite difficult for our generation, thanks to technology), it involves you such that it creates more truth about that task and hence more clarity. Our brain loves clarity, as most of the things in life is not clear. When our brain gets a simple clarity even for few things, it feels happy. This sense of false clarity, we get from mediation. Better focus yourself on quantum physics for more answers on the universe, rather than focusing on nothing. I am not against meditation as a practice, I would rather say meditate on better things.


Food, sex, pleasurable activities, relaxing, going on a vacay, spa etc etc. The list is endless… for short term happiness ofcourse. You spend time in this and then you feel great and now you are ready to face life for a while. Then again one wants to rejuvenate oneself thus indulging on pleasure and the cycle goes on. People are getting smarter, intervening these activities and using social media to earn livelihood. I wonder if it has the same effect, when you do it too much.


I dare to say exercise here! Some kind of sports or something which boost up the endorphins, relaxes the mind. It actually takes a whole lot of convincing to exercise in the first place (city dwellers) and when you complete it, there is obviously hormones acting up or stuff but also a sense of achievement that your body is better than before. And then, we are back to desk on our laptop or with our gadgets and stuff. Thank Lord! We exercised today.


People say, they get assurance from above that someone is watching on them. When they are in trouble, He acts up. This assurance is enough for many people to put off their anxiety aside and feel they are a part of group (again sense of achievement). Therefore, they are happy. We drift apart with each other while becoming a complete individual. We want people and yet we don’t want them around us. We get older and we find ourselves alone, now we want some kind of assurance that everything is going to be good. That assurance is God.

I can go on detail and list up many things. It is just a overview of things. This post is not a how-to post. It is just a critical view towards a state of mind, which sells commercially and which influences most of the incidents in our life. It is so vague and yet people hold on to it, maybe it is much clearer for our brain to handle those hundreds of feelings we feel in a day by categorizing into a term called “happiness” (way simpler version: when things are going according to you).


Published by pseudowriter

I love to write, especially about those thoughts which dominate my life most. I like reading something which is innovative on terms of human consciousness, social betterment and life in general.

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