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Are we really free?

The basic definition of freedom is ‘we can do what we want to do’. This term is used in a very broad way. Many use it to show a sign that there is some kind of dependence they have or they are slave of some institute or government, in a negative way. A postive term used in a negative way, basically to show what you do not want in your life. What we do want in life is another complex question with multiple answers. It makes me think, is there a collective definition of it? An absolute freedom. When we see the term ‘absolutely free’, there are so many things that come into play, individually and socially and to attain it becomes impossible. I believe it is impossible to believe on the concept of ‘absolute freedom’. Let’s see the most believed things which make us feel bounded or confined in some way.


Are we absolutely free, when we have a family to be with? Family has their own expectations for you and their desires. It has their own effect on you and you feel bounded to obey them in order to not feel alone. To atleast feel that there is a group of people who are willing to be there if there is some kind of problem in our life. It is a certain thing and we love it. So we reciprocate accordingly and hence there is less freedom when we are influenced by someone. The people who has an influence on you since your childhood, will have more affect on you than the people who you just met. Freedom is a choice people say, so we have to leave family for it?


You are expected to be obedient in every way, still you must know how to form your own opinion. Now, that’s a tough call. If you are way too obedient to soemone, then your opinion will be mostly found in the trash can. If they ever took your opinion, then you cannot rely on them that they will credit you for it. Here, one is total slave, you don’t hit a kid but you slave a kid and try to fit a child in fixed environment. The other thing about school is, there is very less practical benefit of whatever is taught there (Indian schools specially). You are out of the school, all your dreams and desires crushed. Now what? Where to go? After so much subjugation from school, family and other external factors, will you still form an opinion and do something of your own? (perhaps, go to the university and take a course with no practical output)


We can find a whole bunch of people here, who has different views towards your life. They might not know anything about you, most of the people don’t want to know your struggles or desires, just wanted you to validate their opinions. (yes, you are right my friend. I will follow your advice.) That friend or a person will feel a sense of importance, for a short time there, it will be worth having it. Nobody wants to be a pushover, but everyone gets influenced someway by the words of others.

4. JOB

Dangling money to your mouth? Come here now and do this. With money all our freedom goes away, we are not a human anymore, we are a person of importance. There comes the jealous factor, he/she has more than me and the better livelihood factor (We need this). Expecting you to be working 8 hours everyday is a norm and one has to do it in order to survive. Really? We need a job in order to survive or to earn as much as we can fullfill our desires and live comfortably. There is a huge difference, we are sold something and it happens to be something else. We believe we are good and there is nothing to be ashamed of slaving and fulfil our desires, makes us selfish and just self sufficient. We want more and more, which don’t fulfil us more. Almost no social value to it.

These things we cannot escape. In today’s times, it is also social media. We are influenced by thousands of things in a day. (Now form your own opion and work towards it, it is indeed tough.) Another thing to be absolutely free is to live like a hermit, which is also out of the question, as you are bounded by strict rules.

While we live normal lives and going through daily struggle, we are okay. Aren’t we? We don’t want to be wild and do random things which might threaten our fellow humans. We all agreed on government,school, jobs together. We are somehow okay with this boundations. Therefore, we can conclude by saying that we are okay being less free. There is no absolute freedom.


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I love to write, especially about those thoughts which dominate my life most. I like reading something which is innovative on terms of human consciousness, social betterment and life in general.

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