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Living with a never ending fear

Is man really a civilized being? The horrors of their doing to another human being or even to a child is insurmountable. Never a day passes without the news of some women or a child being raped, molested and put on to horrifying deaths. I am afraid that it will be so regular, one day people will say it is just a daily affair. One cannot go out of the house without being anxious. The molesters or abusers, brings such deaths that they seem like getting some kind of grotesque pleasure from it. Let’s evaluate some reasons, why are they happening and what is the root cause of it. It is my personal opinion which I am enlisting here.


Since time immemorial, men used to go out and do work and women used to tend children and do household work. Naturally, more power of the outside world are in the hands of men. When women and children started going out to work or school respectively, things changed a lot. Now they are in the social world and very new to it. The people who came before them are mostly men and they have obviously more understanding of the outside world than them. There comes the negative side of their power, abuse of the power.


Very casually, harassment is shushed and put it to end. I don’t think there is a single women in India who has not been harrassed in their lives. (Men are like this) It includes the men who are innocent and actually more human. It leads to poor judement by women because of the worst lot. It is definitely more than the war of the sexes, it is violence not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. One has to live with it (if dead, burnt down ofcourse to rid the evidence). There is so many incidents like Nirbhaya case, which is yelling that it is defintely not the war of sexes, it is a psychological and social issue.


The existence of women can be seen in lawful papers now. Thanks to our predecessor humans who marked in it. Otherwise, there was no space for it and the women and children were one’s own personal affairs. Men are entitled to not only everything now but also their women and children. That entitlement we call marriage is still in practice. It is not love, it is entitlement that you belong to him now. It has become an important affair in order to live in this structured society. Law has changed (in India), after some horrifying incidents, still it is not much effective. We need better laws to uproot this problem and need some greater fear in the minds of people who think they can get away with anything. A country cannot be void of crime, but it isn’t necessary that it should be full of it.


Why bringing in more people to this country when living conditions of the existing ones are miserable? Can you give birth to a daughter and think that she will be safe here or think that she can be whatever she dreams of? No. So much population and such poverty that people are doing anything to survive. There is a whole lot of stress on them and then the fine line of sanity and insanity blurs. People being jobless, struck with malnutrition, living miserably is an everyday sight.

There are men being harrased and bullied. Not just a female child but a male child also has faced abuse. Not just the women but also third gender, who faces everything in silence. The more crimes are done on women and in grotesque state, so they are being focused here. Don’t think about protecting the women and children, think about making a world where they can walk freely and can feel that they belong here, just like you. Be human.


Published by pseudowriter

I love to write, especially about those thoughts which dominate my life most. I like reading something which is innovative on terms of human consciousness, social betterment and life in general.

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