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I wasted my time to be perfect.

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Perfection requires a lot of time, not just time but also energy to work consistently upon something. How can you be sure then that the work you are doing is worth seeking perfection? There are many ways people seek perfection, let’s dive into each perception and see if you belong to one or not.

  1. The one who does not know what needs to be prioritized and hence give their best in every work they do. Although this sounds so meditative and mostly positive in reality it messes many things up. Our life is not that simple to handle each task perfectly. Without prioritizing, our brain would tend to seek the easiest one first and get tired doing the less important tasks. To be worn out doing nothing meaningful is the main disappointing “quality” of this kind of perfection. I belong to this one.
  2. The one who has an idea of perfection and they seek it without considering the reality of the situation. Suppose, you are preparing for an exam and there is a whole lot of syllabus in front of you. Meticulously you go through the syllabus and not considering what are the important questions that could be asked in the exam. Even after completing the syllabus, a student may not know the necessary knowledge for the exam. The simple reason is our brain is not hardwired to remember a lot of information (Unless you cram like a parrot) and it is quite unhealthy to put a lot of things in there and at last, remembering nothing especially after you are done with the exam. What is the use of the knowledge gained during your session? No wonder, we feel crippled while applying the knowledge we learned.
  3. People who take pride in being a perfectionist. It may happen in workspaces and while in the interview, the candidate says they are perfectionists. The candidates mostly meant they will make sure that whatever task they are given to perform they will do it to the best of their abilities and hence the result would surely be perfect. Thus, perfection becomes here an abstract term, because that surety is changeable depending on the responsibilities bestowed upon you, the nature of the work, or even perhaps the influence of the co-workers.

The list to make everything to be perfect would certainly be huge. I like it being in a place where I can enjoy working and will learn a lot. I envision something where people can make a meaningful relationship in workspaces and work together towards a creative goal. To invent and be part of something big yet effective. Effective in changing the lives of the people for good. The work would be gradually upgraded and the people go on to the next level while clearing the previous levels with dedication, hard work, and compliance by the rules, not just by corruption. The relation between the team leader and the employees is human, not degrading.

This is my perfect workspace.

Well, I wasted my time finding one.


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